Waterfall Glen bike trail restoration

IMG_0357I ventured onto the Waterfall Glen path (from west gate road to the 101st street parking lot) on my way home yesterday to see if the trail is ready for use after our snowy winter. I was pleasantly surprised that the trail is in good shape and to see the dramatic changes that have taken place. The DuPage County Forest Preserve District has undertaken a restoration project and renamed the stretch “Kettle Woods and Musk Turtle Marsh.” One of the features uncovered by the removal of all of the invasive species (e.g., buckthorn)  are kettles, shallow, glacier-formed holes scattered beneath the trees at Kettle Woods. The kettles are filled with water now and are attractive watering holes for wildlife and breeding grounds for salamanders and frogs. The photo above shows one of the kettles and newly installed interpretive sign. This area will change with the seasons. Be sure to check this area out.

Join the Bike Share Program!

Argonne’s Bike Share program provides an alternative to automobile use for travel around the laboratory site and it promotes sustainability and wellness in the workplace. The program offers bicycles at various locations throughout Argonne’s campus. Bikes are available from early spring until early autumn, weather permitting.

Bikes and helmets were paid for with funds received for recycled materials through the lab’s Pollution Prevention Program and from Argonne’s participation in energy-saving programs with ComEd.