Join the Bike Share Program!

Argonne’s Bike Share program provides an alternative to automobile use for travel around the laboratory site and it promotes sustainability and wellness in the workplace. The program offers bicycles at various locations throughout Argonne’s campus. Bikes are available from early spring until early autumn, weather permitting.

Bikes and helmets were paid for with funds received for recycled materials through the lab’s Pollution Prevention Program and from Argonne’s participation in energy-saving programs with ComEd.

2014 Bike Share season coming to a close

With Daylight Savings Time ending on November 2, the Argonne Bike Share Program will be putting bicycles into storage soon depending on the weather and the availability of staff to bring the bicycles in. While the bikes are in storage, they will be tuned up by Brian Zook (FMS-MAT) so they will be ready for next year.

We had a good Bike Share season this year with fewer maintenance issues and no reported incidents. Three hundred and thirty new participants took the Bike Share training class in FY 2014, and during the six seasons the Bike Share Program has been running, nearly 3,000 individuals have signed up and participated.

Argonne’s Bike Share Program provides a healthy and fun transportation option for employees to use on campus as an alternative to vehicles.

Employees are welcome to send Bike Share Program suggestions to