The Argonne African American Employee Resource Group (AAA-ERG) is holding a cheesecake sale through Monday, October 21, 2019. Cash, credit or debit payment is due by October 25th.  Pickup will be Thursday, October 31, 2019 from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. in Building 440 (CNM), Room A105-A106.

Each irresistible cake is handmade with care and expertise. Choose from 14 rich and creamy flavors or a luscious assortment of our most popular varieties. They make a delightful treat for any occasion or to enjoy yourself.

All individual cakes are nine inches in diameter and pre-sliced into 14 restaurant-size portions. Cheesecakes are delivered frozen and should be refrigerated (40° F) or frozen within six hours of delivery. Cheesecakes last up to six months in the freezer. Buy some to eat now, freeze some to eat later.

Download a brochure and order form for cheesecake selections and pricing.

Gourmets-Classic-brochure – 2019 – sht1

Gourmets-Classic-brochure – 2019 – sht2

Cheesecake Order Form

Proceeds from this sale will go toward the AAA-ERG Scholarship Fund for high school students.

See any one of the following AAA-ERG members to place your order:

  • Harold Gaines                            ext. 2-3163
  • Kimberly McAllister             ext. 2-7206
  • Nate Poindexter                      ext. 2-3412
  • Bill Riley                                          ext. 2-5865
  • Eva Stringer                                ext. 2-6889
  • Harrel Townsend Jr.               ext. 2-6165
  • Arista Thurman III                  ext. 2-6538

AAA-ERG Mission

The Argonne African American (AAA) Employee Resource Group (ERG) is an employee-led organization that promotes the development of African-Americans as future laboratory leaders in science and technology. We advance our mission by fostering an inclusive work environment through networking, mentorship and programming that promotes cultural awareness and communication.