1. Juneteenth is also called what? Answer: Emancipation Day

2. Why is it called Juneteenth? Answer: The name is a portmanteau of the day and the month for when it is observed; i.e. June + 19th = Juneteenth 

3. Who started Juneteenth? Answer: General Gordon Granger

4. Is Juneteenth recognized as a national holiday? Answer: No

5. Juneteenth is commemorated in how many states? Answer: 47

6. Which states currently do NOT recognize Juneteenth? Answer: North Dakota, South Dakota, and Hawaii

7. What year did Illinois officially recognize Juneteenth? Answer: 2003

8. What year did Juneteenth begin in the U.S.? Answer: 1865

9. What state was the first to establish Juneteenth as a state holiday under legislation and in what year? Answer: Texas in 1980 

10. The first legislation to recognize Juneteenth Independence Day was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by who? Answer: Barbara-Rose Collins