AAA ERG offers annual scholarships to promising Illinois high school students to help fund their STEM academic goals.

AAA ERG Scholarship

The AAA ERG Academic Scholarship awards needs-based scholarships in the amounts of $2,500, $1,500, and $500 to high school students pursuing a college degree in a STEM-related field.  Scholarship applicants must be US citizens, residents of Chicagoland or surrounding areas, and received first-year admittance to a college or university.

Application Process

The African American – Employee Resource Group (AAA-ERG) seeks to identify minority high school seniors who have an interest in pursuing science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) as an academic curriculum. Applicants must have excelled academically, exhibit exceptional leadership potential both in and outside of the classroom, and demonstrate the need for financial assistance. The applicants must be US citizens and residents of the Chicagoland or surrounding areas. Current college students are not eligible.

Registration time frame:

  • Begins – January 1, 2024 Deadline – March 31, 2024, at 11:59 pm
  • Evaluate Applicant’s: April 1, 2024, through April 30, 2024
  • Notify the winners of the scholarship: May 15, 2024

How to Apply

Complete the Online Application for AAA ERG Scholarship

All finalists will be graded based on the following criteria:

1.  Academic Achievement

2.  Evidence of Financial Need

3. Contribution to extracurricular activities, community involvement (volunteer or employment)

4.  Letters of Recommendation

5.  Essay Response

Scientific and technological advances have literally changed the world time and time again. In the past two decades, the pace of this change has accelerated, as new advances from genetics to robotics to nanotechnology seem to transform our world in front of our eyes. This rate of change is likely to continue, and the next generation of STEM leaders will be charged with delivering on the promise to use science and technology to improve life for all people.

In 2,000 words or less, please discuss one area of STEM education that is of significant interest to you and why you think this area will be important for society in the next 20 years. Please consider the following questions as you draft your essay:

  • What makes this STEM topic so interesting to you?
  • What are you most interested in studying in this area?
  • If you have already begun a course of study, what have you learned?
  • What do you think can be gained by a deeper understanding of this area?
  • What is at risk if this topic is not adequately studied?

Please email your essay to [email protected].

Contact us

If you have questions about any of our scholarships, or would like more information, please contact [email protected]. To find more opportunities to advance your STEM goals, visit our ACT-SO page.