Hello Everyone – As summer makes its last stand and we head into a half-year now of our remote work journey, ABLED has taken time to reflect on its plans and how we can continue to make impact and help our community as circumstances both internal and external to the laboratory evolve. It’s challenging as we are forced to rethink what it means to be an employee resource group in areas where you typically are “there” with people. Our support groups, events, and education programming has to be packaged and delivered in a different way with risks on diluting the impact it might have to those that need it most. This is where we continue to lean on our members for their help, expertise, opinion and inspiration. We have a strong slate of goals for 2021 that we’ll be sharing over the coming weeks. To accomplish our goals, we ask for your continued support on our various planning committees, listed below in the updates. We continue to be very cognizant of how busy everyone is, and will ensure that your time commitment for any activity is limited. Perhaps just a couple of extra meetings per month, or just help on specific, tactical items. Any time that you can dedicate to helping can have a significant impact on the laboratory and on other people’s lives. We will be putting out a special survey soon to our membership to call for volunteers, inventory where your interests lie, and get other information that will help shape our programming for ABLED. In the meantime, please continue to come to our membership meetings to stay updated and most definitely come to our various support group meetings if you need help or want to support others. Thank you all so much again!