We continue to be blessed with a very strong and passionate membership who have worked incredibly hard to help us develop our programs, start three support groups, complete the Disability:IN DEI survey, and many other accomplishments. (see the slide below for summary)

We’d also like to thank our support group facilitators, Stephanie D’Angelo, Tami Martin, Chris McKay and Harrel Townsend who are incredible for what they do and have helped so many of our members.

We acknowledge our colleagues and partners in Health and Employee Wellness. Dr. Stalker and her entire team have been so amazing in supporting our group. They are both professionally and personally invested with us and we can’t thank them enough for all they have done for our group.

We also thank our lab leaders, from Paul Kearns, Leslie Krohn, Julie Nuter, Stu Hannay and on through the entire executive team, they have been so supportive of our ABLED group!

… and of course, a final thanks to the Leadership Institute as well for helping launch a couple years ago and keeping us going today, especially Lydia Finney, who is an unsung hero behind the scenes of many of the ERG’s in the lab.