Disability Self-ID Campaign

Did you happen to complete this yet? We hope our entire membership can participate in this campaign for Argonne.

The laboratory is required, as a federal contractor, to solicit it’s workforce every five years to request self-identification for disability to support its affirmative action program and reporting.

Please participate and spread the word to your colleagues. You can access the survey via the “notifications” section when you log into Workday (hint: look for the “bell” icon near your mailbox icon).

The campaign runs through December 15th.

Meetings and Support Groups

Come join us…and tell your colleagues! Calendars and links will be sent out soon with confirmed dates.

ABLED General Membership Meeting

We plan to have our next virtual general ABLED membership meeting after the holidays.

Mental Health Wellness Support Group

Our next Mental Health Wellness Support Group meeting will be on Thursday, December 10th, from 12pm – 1pm. We have been getting great turnout for this new group the last couple of months, please come join us if you’d like to share or just listen in.

Cancer Support Group

The next Cancer Support Group meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 17th, from 12pm – 1pm. Whether you are a patient, survivor, or caring for a loved one with cancer, you are more than welcome to join this group.

“Parenting on the Spectrum” Support Group

The next Parenting on the Spectrum Support Group meeting is scheduled for after the holidays. If you are a parent with a young or adult child with autism, or any other disability for that matter (we have a wide range represented), please know that you are welcome. We always have on hand our fantastic facilitator, Stephanie D’Angelo to lead the way.

Neat Links

November/December 2020’s Neat Links

  • Carolyn Tomchik contributed some great articles for us this month:
    • “Flip the Script” – This is a very informative infographic. From the link: “Words are powerful. Even with the best of intentions, we may say something that is unhelpful or even hurtful to a person in our workplace who has a disability. Or, afraid of saying the wrong thing, we might stay silent. Rather than focusing on a coworker’s abilities, it’s important to establish connections and engage without pity, judgment, or apprehension to foster a sense of belonging and create a more inclusive workplace”.
    • “Why Dell is Making Neurodiverse Hiring a Priority” – A new and innovative way Dell Technologies is thinking about the talent pipeline.
    • “Everything You Know About ADHD Is Wrong” – An interesting article discussing outdated stereotypes and stigmatization of ADHD.
  • Schools Have Struggled To Fulfill IEPs Amid Pandemic, Government Report Finds
  • New Housing Concepts Emerge For Adults With Developmental Disabilities

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Recent and Upcoming Observances

Upcoming Observances

January 2021
  • Alzheimer’s Awareness Month
  • National Birth Defects Month
  • World Braille Day (Jan. 4)
February 2021
  • Eating Disorder Awareness Week (Feb. 2)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day (Feb. 2)
  • International Angelman Day (Feb. 15)
  • Rare Disease Day (Feb. 28)

Past Observances

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October 2020 Welcome – Anniversary Edition

Hello Everyone – This is the “Anniversary Edition” of our newsletter! As I write this it’s exactly two years to the day that a group of us gathered in the 402 lower gallery and kicked off a new employee resource group called ABLED. We weren’t sure exactly who would come but we ordered a bunch of pizzas and entertained the group that came out with our personal stories, our reasons for starting ABLED and what we wanted to accomplish. Looking back at our initial charter documents, and the notes and scribbles like on a cocktail napkin, it’s amazing that we have stayed steady on our mission and delivered on the commitments we set out…all around the core concepts of Back, Listen and Educate with a healthy dose of our motto “It’s Okay”.

This is the slide we showed at our membership meeting this week summarizing all this:

But I think a picture is always better than words: