Neat Links

November/December 2020’s Neat Links

  • Carolyn Tomchik contributed some great articles for us this month:
    • “Flip the Script” – This is a very informative infographic. From the link: “Words are powerful. Even with the best of intentions, we may say something that is unhelpful or even hurtful to a person in our workplace who has a disability. Or, afraid of saying the wrong thing, we might stay silent. Rather than focusing on a coworker’s abilities, it’s important to establish connections and engage without pity, judgment, or apprehension to foster a sense of belonging and create a more inclusive workplace”.
    • “Why Dell is Making Neurodiverse Hiring a Priority” – A new and innovative way Dell Technologies is thinking about the talent pipeline.
    • “Everything You Know About ADHD Is Wrong” – An interesting article discussing outdated stereotypes and stigmatization of ADHD.
  • Schools Have Struggled To Fulfill IEPs Amid Pandemic, Government Report Finds
  • New Housing Concepts Emerge For Adults With Developmental Disabilities

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Recent and Upcoming Observances

Upcoming Observances

January 2021
  • Alzheimer’s Awareness Month
  • National Birth Defects Month
  • World Braille Day (Jan. 4)
February 2021
  • Eating Disorder Awareness Week (Feb. 2)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day (Feb. 2)
  • International Angelman Day (Feb. 15)
  • Rare Disease Day (Feb. 28)

Past Observances

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Planning Committees

To organize our efforts on the goals for ABLED, we are forming new planning committees launching soon. We would love to get your help to volunteer and to any extent you can. We have a lot of passion and expertise around our membership and these committees will give you an opportunity to work deeper in an employee resource group, influence our programming, and expand your network and relationships across the lab.

Here is a short summary of the committees and some of their scope. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested or want to learn more.

Communications Committee

  • ABLED’s digital presence: website; blog; social media
  • Leading a new graphic Identity for ABLED
  • Development of communication materials; content
  • Assisting the support groups with communication needs

Disability Equality Index Committee

  • Disability:IN survey response
  • Disability Equality Index survey actions

Programming Committee

  • Education and Event programming
  • Member social events
  • Assisting the support groups with programming needs
  • Fundraising

Argonne named a “best place to work for disability inclusion”

Disability Equality Index

Disability Equity Index logo
Image by Disability:IN

You may have missed it, but did you all hear about this little award ABLED received? I say that tongue-in-cheek as we were not shy at all about getting the word out. We are still basking in the after-glow of the accomplishment and still planning on how we want to continue to promote this internally and externally so get used to seeing this logo. As well, give it up to Frank Montagna who did a GREAT job representing ABLED at the laboratory all-hands meeting. We were grateful that lab leadership gave us a slot on the busy agenda at that event to showcase ABLED and this important award and Frank knocked it out of the park! Read full article here.

August 2020 Welcome

Hello Everyone – As summer makes its last stand and we head into a half-year now of our remote work journey, ABLED has taken time to reflect on its plans and how we can continue to make impact and help our community as circumstances both internal and external to the laboratory evolve. It’s challenging as we are forced to rethink what it means to be an employee resource group in areas where you typically are “there” with people. Our support groups, events, and education programming has to be packaged and delivered in a different way with risks on diluting the impact it might have to those that need it most. This is where we continue to lean on our members for their help, expertise, opinion and inspiration. We have a strong slate of goals for 2021 that we’ll be sharing over the coming weeks. To accomplish our goals, we ask for your continued support on our various planning committees, listed below in the updates. We continue to be very cognizant of how busy everyone is, and will ensure that your time commitment for any activity is limited. Perhaps just a couple of extra meetings per month, or just help on specific, tactical items. Any time that you can dedicate to helping can have a significant impact on the laboratory and on other people’s lives. We will be putting out a special survey soon to our membership to call for volunteers, inventory where your interests lie, and get other information that will help shape our programming for ABLED. In the meantime, please continue to come to our membership meetings to stay updated and most definitely come to our various support group meetings if you need help or want to support others. Thank you all so much again!