Cancer Support Group

ABLED’s Cancer Support Group was established not long before Argonne entered Minimum Safe Operations earlier this year. Whether you are a patient, survivor, or caring for a loved one with cancer, you are more than welcome to join this group. Facilitated and led by Tami Martin and Chris McKay, these virtual meetings serve as a safe space that allows folks to give and receive the support they need most.

Cancer Support Contacts

Tami Martin | 2-7372
Chris McKay | 2-6684

Parenting on the Spectrum Support Group

ABLED’s Parenting on the Spectrum Support Group was formed to support parents raising children, from very young to adulthood, on the autism spectrum. However, we also have and welcome parents that have children with other non-autism disabilities to participate with us. The group’s meetings are facilitated by Stephanie D’Angelo and are also held virtually.

Mental Health Wellness Support

This support group is open to any and all employees seeking to connect with others and discuss mental health and wellness. This safe, supportive group offers employees a chance to network, share resources and give and receive support.

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