Special Guest Instructor for September 20 Class

Joseph McKee Sensei, an instructor from Soshinkan Dojo, will be visiting Argonne Aikido Club’s noon class tomorrow—September 20. Over the past twelve years, Joe has studied with Senseis Fumio Toyoda, Marc Pandolfi, Robert Garza and Ron Shereyk. Joe is also the drummer for the Beach Bum Band and a recent Jeopardy champion. In short, Joe brings particularly unique insights and spirit to our dojo. Please join me in welcoming McKee Sensei to Argonne.

For those who have not practiced with the Club for a while, please remember that we now practice here at the lab: Building 360, Room E101D.

And, for participants in Argonne’s Active for Life campaign, an hour of Aikido is 60 life points.

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