Evan Feinberg, Ph.D.

photo of Evan FeinbergEvan Feinberg, Ph.D., founded Genesis Therapeutics (genesistherapeutics.ai) to accelerate drug discovery with deep learning. During his graduate training with Vijay Pande at Stanford University, Dr. Feinberg co-invented several novel deep neural network architectures — including PotentialNet, published in the Nov, 2018 issue of ACS Central Science — which formed the basis for the Genesis Therapeutics AI platform.

While in graduate school, Evan consulted on deep learning for Merck Research Laboratories. In the Stanford-Merck collaboration, Pande and Feinberg demonstrated that PotentialNet offered a relative 52% and absolute 0.16 increase in R^2 versus Random Forests in ADMET prediction. Motivated by the step-change improvement in molecular property prediction conferred by their methods, Dr. Feinberg founded Genesis Therapeutics to collaborate with big pharma and biotech alike on their small molecule drug discovery pipelines. Evan received his Ph.D. in Biophysics at Stanford and his B.S. magna cum laude in Applied Physics at Yale.


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