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Club History

For many years, I worked your club station, W9QVE, on Field Day weekends. It was always a special moment for me. I’ve wondered why I hadn’t worked you in recent years and see that you’ve moved on to W9ANL. A nice call for your club.

Glenn Mack, the original holder of the W9QVE call sign was my Elmer and I thought I’d share why working W9QVE was always a special moment for me. Glenn worked as an Electronic Technician at Argonne when, as a young boy I first met him in 1962.

I was introduced to Glenn by my Father when we both lived in Elmhurst. As a 12 year old “pre-ham”, my Knight Kits I built usually had “issues” when I was done. I remember bringing my wad of wires in my Knight Kit “Space Spanner” regenerative receiver to him one day and he spent hours cleaning up my work and getting me into “SWLing”.

Glenn was an excellent craftsman and home-brewed many complex projects, especially receivers. Living only a block away from me, I could always tell when he was on the air even though he didn’t do much operating. He always made time to help me and I would often show up at his house unannounced.  I got my Novice license, WN9MVZ, in 1964 and he helped me “fix” my T-60 transmitter and my Heath Kit Two’er to get on the air. I’ve enjoyed a lifetime of Ham Radio and a career in radio because of the start he gave me and all the wisdom he shared.

Glenn served in almost all of the officer’s positions in your club over the years.

In 1966, I moved away to go to college to become an Electrical Engineer. His last tongue-in-cheek words to me were “I’m looking forward to your returning and teaching ME something for a change”.

It wasn’t until 1975, my BSEE and MSEE degrees in hand, that I made a special trip to his house in Elmhurst only to learn that he had passed away the year before. I never got the chance to thank him. But for years, I got to work him on Field Day. A very special moment for me every year.

Times change and you’ve got a great new call sign. I’m sure no one at Argonne today remembers him, but I thought I’d share his story with you one last time.

God Bless you all and especially Glenn.


Fred Glenn