Breakfast with Santa 2016

Breakfast with Santa 2016 tickets will be sold in the Cafe Bistro (Bldg. 213) November 14-18 from 11:45-12:30 each day.

Tickets to see Santa: $5.00 per child
Breakfast Meal Tickets: $6.25 per person
Breakfast Meal Tickets the Day of the Event: $6.75 per person

Please note:  Children under 16 will be admitted without a pass or pre-registration.  The following access requirements apply only to those 16 and older.  All visitors must be pre-registered to gain access. A photo I.D., such as a driver’s license is required for site access. Pre-registered visitors will be issued individual gate passes as they arrive at the Northgate entrance. Argonne and DOE employees do not need to pre-register, but will need their badges to gain access to the site. Badges and passes must be prominently displayed while on site.

If you plan on visiting with Santa, please do the following:

All non-ANL/DOE employees should pre-register as soon as possible.

  • Phone (630) 252-5755, or
  • Use the Gate Pass System:
  • Fax gate pass requests to (630) 252-5753 providing the name and citizenship for all non-employees. For those who are not U.S. citizens, you will also need to provide citizenship plus date of birth, city and country of birth. Host name is also required.


bws-2016-flyer_final breakfast-with-santa-menu-2016santa2016_gate-pass-only

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