Meeting Minutes, 2/19/13

Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Welcome back!

New year, new officers (somewhat): Erika Benda, President; Louis Emery, treasurer; Louise Lerner, secretary.

Plot announcements: Plot registration for existing gardeners who want to keep their old plots is now open until March 19. At that time, registration will open for new gardeners and those who want to add new plots. See plot program page for details.

Speaker: Shawn Odneal (Root 66 Hydroponics, located in Brookfield) spoke on hydroponics and aquaponics: gardening indoors and in containers, especially with hydroponic (soil-less) technology. Root 66 is holding classes on composting, hydroponics, and more and offers a discount to Garden Club attendees – contact Shawn at

Misc notes:

  • Feedback for for last year’s plot stewards is appreciated. Send notes to
  • Ideas(&/or volunteers) for guest speakers are always appreciated.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 19, Noon, Building 212, Room A157.

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