The Garden Club is an Argonne Club affiliated club open to all active and retired employees of Argonne, DOE, UC and their affiliates.

Annual Membership Fee: $10/ year (checks must be made out to Argonne Garden Club)

To join, please fill out a Membership Waiver 2020 and send via interoffice Argonne mail to: Louis Emery, Bldg 401 ASD


  1. Provide recreation to its members in connection with gardening.
  2. Further horticultural knowledge.
  3. Promote organic cultivation of quality produce using environmentally sound
    gardening practices.
  4. Promote social activities between members of this Club, including plant exchanges and other events.


  • Co-President: Erika Benda
  • Co-President: Melissa Rose
  • Vice-President: Gene Schafer
  • Secretary: Barbara Freeman
  • Treasurer: Louis Emery

Officer Position Description:

President/ Co-President – Has a big picture view of the club. Organizes meeting, prepares plot maps, arranges tilling, and organizes events like the Summer Picnic, Fall Fest and our Earth Day table.

Vice President – Same as above. Fills in the cracks when needed.

Secretary – Helps with website, emails, plot maps, and organizing things.

Treasurer – handles the financial end of things. This involves collecting dues, processing paperwork and reimbursing stewards.


Email: garden@anl.gov