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Soil recycling saves money

Situated at the Westgate entrance is a huge 40-foot-tall mountain of recyclable material. No, it’s not a mound of pop cans or newspapers, but earth. Cheerfully known as the “dirt pile,” this man-made hill is part of Argonne’s Soil Recycling … Read More »

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Sustainable water savings

A new program to evaluate use of “once-through” water – water that is directly discharged after use and not recycled – has resulted in an annual cost saving of $68,000. Argonne’s Facilities Management and Services (FMS) Division recently started a … Read More »

Lab explores energy alternatives

Argonne is currently meeting renewable energy goals through purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The laboratory has also met the requirement to have one renewable energy generating system on site. Extensive work has been done to evaluate use of biomass … Read More »

Greening the fleet

Argonne’s vehicle fleet is getting greener. Through a program initiated and conceived by John Surdey, manager of Material Handling and Transportation and the Fleet Manager, new environmentally friendly vehicles have been leased through a partnership with the Government Services Administration … Read More »


Hybrid Exterior Light Poles Recently Facilities Management and Services (FMS) installed new solar and wind lights around the exterior of Argonne’s administrative building. These advanced lights feature a wind turbine on top and a solar panel. This hybrid streetlight produces … Read More »

Cool supercomputers

Argonne was the recipient of the 2010 DOE E-Star Award for the “Innovative Cooling of Supercomputers.” An innovative, energy-saving approach to cooling Argonne’s Blue Gene/P supercomputer was recognized with an Environmental Sustainability (EStar) award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s … Read More »

“Car’gonne” employee competition

One of Argonne’s initiatives to engage its employees in the Green Lab Challenge is a sustainability competition: “Car’gonne.” The aim is to reduce the more than 10,000 tons of greenhouse gases that result each year from employee commuting. A Web … Read More »

Bike Share Program

  Argonne’s Bike Share program is designed to provide an alternative to automobile use for travel around the laboratory site and to promote wellness in the workplace. The bikes and helmets were paid for with funds that Argonne’s Pollution Prevention … Read More »