City of Gary, Indiana workers and residents visit Argonne for sustainable best-practices

City workers and residents from Gary, Indiana visited Argonne National Laboratory as part of the Brownfields & Green Jobs Training Program.

On July 24, a group of city workers and residents from Gary, Indiana visited Argonne National Laboratory as part of the city’s Brownfields & Green Jobs Training Program, to learn more about Argonne’s sustainability initiatives. Gary’s job training program provides local residents with the skills they need to participate in the cleanup of brownfields in their own communities and to pursue careers in the environmental field.

Argonne Energy Manager Dejan Ristic presented information about the future of smart grid technology and the group’s mixture in educational backgrounds and work experience yielded engaging discussion about renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

The Brownfields & Green Jobs Training Program group visited Argonne’s solar-powered electric vehicle charging station, a lab-built prototype that charges nine 100 percent electric-powered vehicles as part of the lab’s green vehicle fleet program.

Argonne's "green fleet" and solar-powered electric vehicle charging station

Casey Sullivan, Argonne’s Natural Resource Manager, also gave the visitors a tour of the lab’s wetlands and garden plots.

“It’s a pleasure to share our sustainability best-practices with others,” said Argonne Sustainability Program Manager Devin Hodge. “Sustainable changes are often affected at a grassroots level and it’s encouraging to see larger communities like Gary, Indiana invest in training for their residents and employees. It’s a positive reflection on the city and its commitment to engage its workforce and community in sustainable practices. It’s the type of thing that benefits everyone.”

Argonne’s Sustainability Program is committed to meeting its energy and pollution reduction goals on site and increasing awareness within surrounding communities about greenhouse gas reduction, pollution prevention, energy and water savings, electronic stewardship and high-performance sustainable buildings.

Posted July 27, 2012