BuildingIQ receives global recognition

Argonne's Advanced Photon Source’s BuildingIQ system makes use of weather forecast information and building temperature predictions to optimize, in real-time, the air delivery conditions of the air-handling units. (From left to right: Yeonsook Heo, Marvin Kirshenbaum)

BuildingIQ has been named to the 2012 Global Cleantech top-100 list. The list, produced by Cleantech Group, highlights the promise of private clean energy companies from around the world, focusing on those companies which the players in the market feel are currently the most likely to make the most significant market impact over the next five to 10 years, according to a statement.

BuildingIQ is a leading energy management software company with a mission to redefine the way energy is managed in commercial buildings.

Argonne National Laboratory uses BuildingIQ at the Advanced Photon Source office building. It provides a proactive energy-management system. In addition to the implementation of BuildingIQ, a new generation of occupancy sensors is being field-tested as part of this demonstration project. Several sensing capabilities are under consideration for the new device, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light level, airflow, occupancy, sound, vibration and barometric pressure. New sensing capabilities are, in turn, being used to further enhance BuildingIQ’s multi-objective optimization technology. Read more.

Posted October 18, 2012