Argonne receives 2012 DOE Federal Energy and Water Management Award

George Doktorczyk (left), Marvin Kirshenbaum (center) and George Norek (right) led Argonne Building 438's energy and water conservation upgrade program.

Argonne National Laboratory was recognized for its energy and water conservation efforts with the 2012 DOE Federal Energy and Water Management (FEWM) Award. The FEWM Awards, founded in 1981, recognize federal and partner organization employees for outstanding efforts related to federal energy, water and fleet management and the development and implementation of cost-effective projects and programs that embody the principles of sustainable design, institutionalization and culture change.

In fiscal year 2011, Argonne National Laboratory’s Building 438 achieved a 24 percent reduction in energy use through lighting and plumbing fixture upgrades and the inclusion of a heat recovery system from a nearby building. Building 438 is about 23,700 square feet and was built in 1996 as a laboratory and office module.

Argonne replaced T-12 fluorescent lighting with light-emitting diode fixtures that work with occupancy sensors, resulting in a 60 percent reduction in lighting energy consumption. High-efficiency sinks and urinals installed in restrooms reduce water consumption by more than 49,000 gallons per year. The building also uses waste heat generated by Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source scientific tools and instruments to pre-heat outdoor ventilation air, resulting in savings of approximately 125 million Btu per year. Collectively, these projects reduce greenhouse gas emission by about 22 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

George Norek accepted the 2012 DOE Federal Energy and Water Management Award on behalf of Argonne National Laboratory. (From left to right: FEMP Program Director Tim Unruh, Argonne Architect George Norek, EERE Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency Kathleen Hogan, DOE Sustainability Performance Office Director Jennifer MacDonald.)

Posted October 22, 2012