IIT student chapter of Net Impact tours Argonne sustainable infrastructure

On November 5, the Illinois Institute of Technology’s (IIT) Net Impact student chapter visited Argonne National Laboratory for a tour of the lab’s energy-efficient infrastructure and several presentations on cutting-edge sustainability work that Argonne engages in.

The Illinois Institute of Technology's Net Impact student chapter visited Argonne for a tour of the laboratory and information sessions about the lab's sustainability efforts.

Argonne Sustainability Program Manager Devin Hodge introduced IIT students to the laboratory’s three-pronged approach to sustainability infrastructure — the lab’s renewable energy infrastructure, like its 95 kW solar farm and 10 kW wind turbine, must: 1) save money; 2) be used as a test bed for scientific research; and 3) be used as an educational outreach tool.

IIT students toured Argonne’s campus with presentations at the Advanced Photon Source, the lab’s solar-powered electric vehicle charging station and the newly-constructed solar farm, which is about the size of the International Space Station’s solar array. Students actively engaged in discussion about sustainable infrastructure options and they had an opportunity to ask questions and bounce their own ideas off Argonne scientists and engineers.

Posted November 5, 2012