Fourth grade Girl Scout troop explores energy with Argonne

Junior Girl Scout Troop 51413 has undertaken an energy exploration as part of its education and leadership activities.

On November 12, Junior Girl Scout Troop 51413 hosted Argonne National Laboratory’s Diana Anderson at Westfield Elementary School in Glen Ellyn for a presentation and Q&A session about Argonne’s energy research and on-site sustainability efforts. The troop has undertaken a variety of energy exploration activities as part of its Leadership Journey: “It’s Your Planet — Love It!”

Troop leaders Christie McGuinn and Diana Evans are guiding the scouts along their energy exploration with activities and information that teach the girls how energy is made and how to conserve it. “The girls will ultimately need to pick a building to analyze and determine ways to make it more efficient,” said McGuinn. The Girl Scouts of America are committed to environmental stewardship and promoting girls’ involvement in science, technology, engineering and math.

“The troop seemed particularly interested in renewable energy sources and how we harness energy through engineering solutions,” said Anderson. “One of the girls showed me an energy conservation pledge she had made. It specified ways in which she would conserve energy through her daily actions. The pledge she made shows a sense of personal responsibility for our environment and the energy exploration the troop has undertaken shows a level of commitment and leadership that the Girl Scouts of America are known for.”

Argonne National Laboratory’s vision is to lead the world in providing scientific and engineering solutions for the grand challenges of our time: sustainable energy, a healthy environment and a secure nation.

Posted November 16, 2012