Public-private partnership awarded $120 million to develop energy storage

Joint Center for Energy Storage Research sets aggressive technology  development goals

Argonne battery research Javier Bareno Garcia-Ontiveros manipulates an air-sensitive sample inside an inert glove box. Argonne is leading a new advanced Battery Hub called the JCESR, announced with a $120 million, five-year energy Department grant in November 2012. — The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), an Argonne National  Laboratory-led collaboration of leading researchers and entrepreneurs from DOE  national laboratories, universities and industry, will focus on rapid research,  development and commercialization of revolutionary, clean electrochemical energy  storage technologies for electric vehicles and the nation’s electric grid.

JCESR partners aim to perform breakthrough basic research while working  closely with JCESR’s industrial partners to convert new knowledge into  market-ready, clean energy storage technologies. The hub seeks to reduce  dependence on foreign oil by improving batteries for electric and hybrid  vehicles and to provide energy storage solutions to improve the reliability and  efficiency of the electric grid and integrate renewable energy into the nation’s  electrical system. Read more.

Posted December 3, 2012