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New full concentration gradient high-energy cathode material from Hanyang and Argonne suited for EV batteries

A team from Hanyang University (Korea) and the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have developed a full concentration gradient nickel-rich lithium transition-metal oxide material with a very high capacity (215 mAh g−1) for use as a high-energy cathode in Li-ion … Read More »

MathWorks hosts project to build eco-friendly cars

Locally based MathWorks, a company that develops engineering software, has lent a helping hand to the best and brightest college and graduate-level students seeking to learn how to develop and improve upon such cars in the EcoCAR 2  competition. The … Read More »

Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference to present a holistic approach for sustainable energies

The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference, to be held November 27-29, 2012 in Eilat, Israel,  will discuss the global need for implementing a holistic approach to sustainable energies and present solutions for the next phase of substantially penetrating alternative energy technologies … Read More »

Argonne receives 2012 DOE Federal Energy and Water Management Award

Argonne National Laboratory was recognized for its energy and water conservation efforts with the 2012 DOE Federal Energy and Water Management (FEWM) Award. The FEWM Awards, founded in 1981, recognize federal and partner organization employees for outstanding efforts related to federal energy, … Read More »

Argonne wind turbine produces power, used as R&D test bed

Argonne’s 10 kW wind turbine is used by Argonne scientists and engineers to study the interaction of wind energy, electric vehicle charging and grid technology. It is also estimated to save $1,000 on electricity and more than 10 metric tons … Read More »

Argonne improves water clarity in local waterway

By Diana Anderson The water that Argonne National Laboratory discharges into the Sawmill Creek, a local waterway that flows through the laboratory site, is clearer than the water that enters the campus from upstream. Water clarity can be determined through … Read More »

Argonne visits fifth grade class at High Point Elementary School in Orland Park

On October 12, Argonne Sustainability Program Manager Devin Hodge visited a fifth grade class at High Point Elementary School in Orland Park, a Chicagoland suburb. The class talked about non-renewable and renewable energy options, and Hodge provided students with energy and water … Read More »

BuildingIQ receives global recognition

BuildingIQ has been named to the 2012 Global Cleantech top-100 list. The list, produced by Cleantech Group, highlights the promise of private clean energy companies from around the world, focusing on those companies which the players in the market feel … Read More »

An update on advanced battery manufacturing

The advanced battery market is expanding dramatically in the United States and around the world — from $5 billion in 2010 to nearly $50 billion in 2020, an average annual growth rate of roughly 25 percent. Earlier this year, the Toyota … Read More »

Expert: Don’t dumb down window stickers for plug-in cars

For more than a half-century, consumers have associated vehicle fuel consumption with a single number: the federal government’s Miles Per Gallon rating. When the window sticker reads “50 mpg,” consumers know it’s an amazing fuel-sipper. And when it reads “10 mpg,” … Read More »