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ALCF scientists look to nature to develop biofuel catalysts

By Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, Ethanol Producer Magazine — Scientists working at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility are looking to nature’s catalysts, enzymes, for inspiration in their quest to find a more effective means of converting biomass into renewable fuel. … Read More »

The value of public-private partnerships in driving innovation

By Gus Schaefer, The Hill’s Congress Blog — Over the last few decades, American innovation and technological advancement  have been largely attributed to private sector developments. From Mark  Zuckerberg’s Facebook to Elon Musk’s recent unveiling of the Hyperloop  high-speed train, the … Read More »

Researchers discover organisms that could lead to low-cost hydrogen fuel production

Hydrogen fuel production could become more affordable thanks to halobacteria By Tami Hood, Hydrogen Fuel News — Researchers from the Argonne National Laboratory have discovered micro-organisms that could be responsible for reducing the costs associated with hydrogen fuel production. The … Read More »

Energy Department invests to save on heating, cooling and lighting

Projects to reduce utility bills, curb emissions of hydrofluorocarbons WASHINGTON – As part of the Obama Administration’s efforts to reduce energy bills for American families and businesses and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Energy Department today announced 12 projects to … Read More »

A better lithium battery

By Vivien Diniz, Lithium Investing News — At the end of July, Lousiana State University’s The Daily Reveille asked a question that I’ve found myself asking quite often: when will batteries improve? Truthfully, I have no clue. And to make it … Read More »

Bio-assisted nanophotocatalyst for hydrogen production —  A protein found in the membranes of ancient microorganisms that live in desert salt flats could offer a new way of using sunlight to generate environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel. Researchers in the Nanobio Interfaces and Nanophotonics groups at … Read More »

Electric-vehicle fast chargers slow to adapt

Three years into the age of electrified vehicles, there are three different standards to charge those vehicles. There are also three different levels of charging. We sort out the differences. The three quick-charging options for plug-in vehicles include the CHAdeMO … Read More »

A sneak peek at the next-gen exascale operating system

By Nicole Hemsoth, HPCwire — There are several scattered pieces in the exascale software stack being developed and clicked together worldwide. Central to that jigsaw effort is the eventual operating system to power such machines. This week the Department of Energy … Read More »

Powering the Future: The next big thing in batteries

By Alexander Trowbridge, CBS News — When it comes to the search for alternative energy, don’t forget about how to store it. Batteries are an instrumental aspect of everyday technology, from phones to computers to cars, and an important element … Read More »

Climate change causing disruptions in the U.S. energy supply, DOE report says

By Christy Gren, Industry Leaders Magazine — According to a report released on Thursday by the U.S. Department of Energy, rising temperatures can reduce production at power plants. Power plants may reduce their power generation or shut-down temporarily. Higher air … Read More »