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Disruptive battery tech

By Susan Schreiner, C4Trends — In May 2013, McKinsey’s Global Institute named energy storage devices or physical systems that store energy for later use as one of 12 disruptive technologies that will impact the economy and shape the future. Batteries … Read More »

Electric vehicle sales soaring in the U.S.

By Clare Saxon, The Climate Group — Electric vehicle sales in America have doubled so far this year, with new figures also revealing how sales have tripled since 2011. In the first six months of 2013, 40,000 plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) … Read More »

Centre aims for global electric mobility standards

The Engineer — The first of two Interoperability Centres designed to promote common  standards in electric mobility and smart grids on both sides of the Atlantic has been inaugurated near Chicago. According to the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) converging  … Read More »

U.S. unveils green supercomputer

By Kane Farabaugh, Voice of America — The U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory in suburban Chicago is home to one of the newest, fastest, most efficient supercomputers in the country, called MIRA.  But despite the new equipment, lawmakers are … Read More »

How climate change makes it harder to keep the lights on

By Brad Plumer, The Washington Post — Coal plants are shutting down because of a lack of cooling water. Hydropower dams are struggling to generate electricity because reservoir levels are dropping. Western wildfires are damaging power lines, causing blackouts in … Read More »

Big goals, small planet: pursuing clean energy in a power-hungry world

What is the right energy mix? That’s the question posed by the third Energy Revolution session at the Aspen Ideas Festival. The Atlantic (content made possible by Shell) — What is the right energy mix? That’s the question posed by the third Energy … Read More »

Is anything stopping a truly massive build-out of desert solar power?

By Dave Levitan, Scientific American — The vast and glittering Ivanpah solar facility in California will soon start sending electrons to the grid, likely by the end of the summer. When all three of its units are operating by the … Read More »

Strong opportunity for Midwest aviation biofuels industry — The commercial aviation industry has a clear path toward cleaner, more  economical and more secure energy alternatives through the increased use  of advanced biofuels developed in the Midwest, according to a report  issued today by the Midwest Aviation Sustainable … Read More »

Counterintuitive material that expands under pressure to be used in fuel cells

The Daily Fusion — When you squeeze something, it gets smaller. Unless you’re at Argonne National Laboratory. At the suburban Chicago laboratory, a group of scientists has seemingly defied the laws of physics and created a new material that increases … Read More »

FedEx adds 1,900 new lightweight, fuel-efficient vehicles to fleet

Yahoo! Finance — FedEx Express, a unit of FedEx Corp. and the world’s largest  express transportation company, continues rapid progression towards its  recently increased vehicle fuel efficiency goal by adding 1,900 new fuel  efficient vehicles to its fleet. As part … Read More »