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Argonne short-listed as finalist for Better Buildings Federal Award 2013 competition

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program selected 12 finalists to compete in the Better Buildings Federal Award 2013 competition. Argonne National Laboratory is the sole finalist from the U.S. Department of Energy, recognized for its Building 224 Visitor … Read More »

Argonne wind turbine produces power, used as R&D test bed

Argonne’s 10 kW wind turbine is used by Argonne scientists and engineers to study the interaction of wind energy, electric vehicle charging and grid technology. It is also estimated to save $1,000 on electricity and more than 10 metric tons … Read More »

Argonne solar array used as scientific test bed, provides renewable energy

Argonne’s 95 kW solar array is used by Argonne scientists and engineers to study different panel material performance in the Midwest environment. It also provides renewable power for the laboratory’s Emergency Operations Center, saving about $9,400 and 94 metric tons … Read More »

Solar power boosts Argonne’s new wind farm efforts

By Devin Hodge, Environmental Project Manager, FMS Argonne National Laboratory is using solar-powered acoustic radar to determine the best location for its new wind farm. Wind turbines capture carbon-free energy — just one of many green alternative-energy solutions that Argonne … Read More »

Wind power breezes into Argonne’s operations

By Devin Hodge, Environmental Project Manager, FMS The Argonne Sustainability Program is going to put the “Windy City’s” natural wind resource to the test – and I don’t mean the long-winded political rhetoric that Chicago’s nickname was originally coined from, … Read More »

Lab explores energy alternatives

Argonne is currently meeting renewable energy goals through purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The laboratory has also met the requirement to have one renewable energy generating system on site. Extensive work has been done to evaluate use of biomass … Read More »


Hybrid Exterior Light Poles Recently Facilities Management and Services (FMS) installed new solar and wind lights around the exterior of Argonne’s administrative building. These advanced lights feature a wind turbine on top and a solar panel. This hybrid streetlight produces … Read More »