Employee commuting resources

Alternate Work Schedule options

Talk to your supervisor about adopting an alternate work schedule. Work four 10-hour days a week or adopt a 9/80 schedule to have one day off every other week. Save on commuting emissions AND develop a better work-life balance. Alternate work schedule details including LMS-PROC-102 are available on Inside Argonne. (Hyperlinks accessible to employees on site or through VPN)

Bike Share & Employee Bike Commuter Blog/Resources

Argonne’s Bike Share program provides an alternative to automobile use for travel around the laboratory site and it promotes sustainability and wellness in the workplace. Check out the Bike Share & Employee Bike Commuter Blog for bike-to-work resources and Bike Share Program information. Employees are encouraged to post helpful biking tips for others on the employee biking discussion forum.

Chicagoland Metra system map

Find your nearest Metra station and train routes on this interactive map.

Chicago & suburbs trip planning tool

Route your next drive, walk or bike ride with this interactive Chicagoland map and trip planning tool. Choose your preferred mode of transportation, whether it be by train, bus, car, bicycle or just your own two legs, the trip planning tool with enable you to find the quickest, least costly way to get to your destination.

GreenRide Connect

Find other employees to carpool, vanpool or bike to work with on GreenRide Connect. Connect with employees who live near your route to work and whose work schedules synch with yours. Track your commuting and see your actual money savings and environmental benefits.

Pace bus routes

Find Pace bus routes that best suit your commuting needs.

Two Pace buses (route 715) drop off employees at Argonne Main Gate in the morning at 7:35 a.m. and 8:55 a.m. One Pace bus (route 715) picks up employees at Argonne Main Gate in the evening at 5:35 p.m.

Pace vanpooling

Vanpooling saves money on gas and reduces stress. Pace provides the van, gas, carwashes, insurance, toll money, vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance and emergency rides home. Vanpool drivers ride for free and get 300 personal van miles per month.  Vanpool FAQs are available online. Interested in vanpooling? Contact [email protected].

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefit

Employees can save up to 40% on vanpool, public transportation and parking costs with Argonne’s Pre-Tax Commuter Benefit. (Hyperlink accessible to employees on site or through VPN)

Reserved parking for high-efficiency vehicles (HEVs), carpools and vanpools

To encourage “green” commuting, Argonne has reserved parking spaces across campus for High-Efficiency Vehicles (HEVs), carpools and vanpools. See FAQs for information on what constitutes an HEV or carpool.


Work from home! A day a week or a day a month… Speak with your supervisor about setting up a telecommuting schedule that fits your job role, promotes a healthy work-life balance and enables you to reduce your commuting costs and emissions. Computing & Information Systems offers tools for telecommuting and working remotely including:

Argonne’s LMS-PROC-108 details the lab’s telecommuting process. (Hyperlink accessible to employees on site or through VPN)