• This website provides a set of resources that other organizations and individuals can access as they build their own sustainability projects and initiatives.
  • Argonne’s Sustainability Team regularly presents papers and presentations at regional and national sustainability symposiums.
  • Argonne hosts a Sustainability Workshop for Middle School Teachers. The laboratory educates teachers in five-day long sessions about new “green” technologies, so they can, in turn, go on to educate the next generation.
  • Argonne regularly hosts students from the surrounding community, including students from Chicago Public Schools, at the laboratory for learning-based sustainability demonstrations¬†and hands-on activities.
  • As a responsible steward of its public funding and a good neighbor to the surrounding communities, Argonne hosts a quarterly Community Leaders Round-Table Meeting. Members include elected officials on the village, city, township, county and state levels; persons appointed to lead school districts, environmental boards and other government agencies; and officers of labor unions and homeowner associations.