Background and Goals

Pollution Prevention (P2)

P2 is a pre-emptive strategy that addresses environmental problems before they occur. It saves money, increases regulatory compliance, improves efficiency and benefits the environment. Argonne’s goals are to establish, promote and manage waste minimization and P2 policies and programs that encompass source reduction and P2, recycling and reuse, material substitution, technology development and affirmative procurement.


Federal agencies are required to reduce fleet petroleum usage by 2% annually for carbon fuels and increase alternative fuel usage by 10% annually from baseline 2005. Argonne has met and exceeded all goals related to fleet transportation. The lab has replaced its vehicle fleet with smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles, including thirteen 100% electric vehicles, 12 high-efficiency vehicles and 13 diesel-powered neighborhood vehicles. These actions have contributed to an 80% reduction in petroleum fuel use and a 75% increase in alternative fuel use.

Argonne is also working to reduce employee commuting emissions by 13% by 2020, from baseline year 2005, by promoting car- and vanpooling, low-emission vehicles, walking and biking on campus and reducing employee business travel.