Background and Goals

Argonne has met and exceeded all goals related to fleet transportation. A 2009 internal review found the agency-owned fleet vehicles at Argonne had an average age of 17 years, with a total annual repair cost of over $200,000. Since that time, Argonne has completely replaced its fleet with one that is entirely leased from the Government Services Administration. The fleet manager has also introduced smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles, including:

  • 16 new compact and subcompact sedans
  • Five hybrid electric vehicles
  • 13 bio-diesel neighborhood vehicles
  • Thirteen 100% electric “neighborhood” vehicles. Two dedicated charging stations were also installed to enhance the convenience of charging these vehicles. The stations have electricity-use tracking capabilities through the sitewide METASYS™ system.

These actions have contributed to an 80% petroleum reduction in fuel use and a 75% alternative-fuel increase:

  1. Green the fleet by cutting petroleum use by 2% annually and a changeover to alternative-fueled vehicles;
  2. Promote a healthy work environment by facilitating walking and biking;
  3. Cut emissions from employee transportation by 15% by facilitating car- and vanpooling, and low-emission vehicles, and reducing the carbon footprint from employee business travel.