Tribute to the legacy of Renato

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly two years since the passing of Renato Chiarizia. Many of us in M-Wing remember him as a dear friend, a colleague wise with separation experience, and a mentor. In the lab, he stressed prudence above all else; instilling in his mentees a respect for radiotracer work. Renato never accepted mediocrity, preferring to check and re-check, duplicate and triplicate to ensure trends were real and conclusions sound. After all, “natura non facit saltum”, he’d say after spying some data inconsistency. Socially, many hours were spent with him in the ANL cafeteria happily discussing history with emphasis on the Greco-Roman to current events. Always engaging, these times with Renato will be dearly missed.

As part of the tribute to his legacy, a special issue of Solvent Extraction & Ion Exchange has been published. The issue includes commentary, remembrances, and research articles by his colleagues in the separation community.

Marek Piechowicz

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