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1- Postdoctoral Appointee – Heavy Elements Chemistry

Heavy Elements Group solicits applicants to fill a postdoctoral research position. The candidate for this new position will, in collaboration with, and supervision from other scientists in the Heavy Elements Chemistry group, contribute to ongoing research programs studying the periodic properties of metal ions, their complexes, and their structures across the periodic table including and particularly the f-elements.

This research position will be primarily focused on studying the molecular structure, speciation, and energetics of inorganic molecules in aqueous and non-aqueous solution. Candidates with expertise in solution chemistry and the study of molecular structure and thermodynamics in solution are highly desirable. Demonstrated expertise in the applications of synchrotron based X-ray spectroscopy and scattering are highly desirable. A familiarity and experience with both lanthanide and actinide chemistry would be an asset.

The successful candidate will join a collaborative research group with diverse backgrounds in inorganic and physical chemistry, separations science, and condensed matter physics. The Heavy Elements Group maintains a close collaboration with the Separations Science Group and this postdoctoral position will be integral to that collaboration. The applicant is expected to hold a Ph.D. with knowledge and expertise in chemistry or physics and is expected to possess excellent oral and written communication skills. The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the planning, sourcing, and development of new and ongoing research activities.

Position Requirements

Demonstrated strong motivation toward creative basic chemical research. Specific expertise in one or more of the following: solution chemistry, thermodynamics of metal complexes in solution, optical spectroscopy, application of X-ray spectroscopy and/or X-ray scattering to solution chemistry, radiochemistry, inorganic chemistry. Demonstrated oral and written communication skills as defined by oral presentations at scientific meetings and publications in peer-review, archival, and scientific journals.  Considerable experience and general knowledge in physical chemistry and electronic structure theories.  Demonstrated experience and a desire in to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams of scientists.  

This position requires a Ph.D. in chemistry or a related field.

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2- Postdoctoral Appointee – Critical Materials

Separation Science group is seeking applications for a postdoctoral research associate to conduct fundamental research in the area of chemical separations.

The successful candidate will join a diverse team of experts from across the Lab to address challenging, fundamental questions about chemical separations applied to critical materials, the answers to which will inform a more energy efficient and environmentally aware nation. The team includes staff and postdoctoral fellows with diverse backgrounds in inorganic, analytical and physical chemistry, physics and materials science. They will have the opportunity to work with the advanced instrumentation available at Argonne National Laboratory, including the Advanced Photon Source.

The candidate will be expected to contribute experimental insights to understand solution structure and phase transitions in liquid-liquid extraction, with applications focusing on rare earth elements. As a contributor to a group effort, the candidate will have the opportunity to lead studies, including the preparation of manuscripts and the presentation of their research in a national forum.

Position Requirements

  • A successful candidate must have a Ph.D. in chemistry, chemical engineering or a related field at the time of start date. Demonstrated research interest in chemical separations.
  • The ability to design and conduct research addressing fundamental scientific questions.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Expertise in liquid-liquid extraction or ion exchange and associated characterization techniques, including ICP-MS, Karl Fischer titration and potentiometric titration.
  • Knowledge in theory of liquid-liquid phase equilibria, phase transitions or critical phenomena.
  • Experience in structural characterization of liquids, including with synchrotron techniques such as small angle X-ray scattering.
  • Familiarity with molecular simulation techniques, including molecular dynamics.
  • Must possess a Ph.D. degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, physics or related discipline and 0 to 3 years of experience/equivalent.

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