How many mentors do you have?

Do you sometimes experience “Mentoring Prince(ss) Charming Syndrome (MPCS)?” It’s the notion that one person can and will address all of your career concerns. Avoid MPCS by taking the time to outline your top two or three career priorities for the year. Then, identify two or three individuals who are where you want to be in these areas. Finally, strategize ways to reach out to them.

Check the Mentoring Blog soon for suggestions on how to connect with would-be mentors.

(Spoiler Alert: There are more effective ways than sending an email with the subject line “Mentor Me?”)

About Erin Thomas

Erin L. Thomas, Gender Diversity Specialist, works to develop systematic approaches for the representation, development and advancement of researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers at Argonne while engaging both female and male staff. Dr. Thomas has a PhD in Social Psychology from Yale University, where she conducted research on race and gender perceptions in workplace, economic and social policy contexts. She also received bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and International Studies and a master’s of science from Yale.
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