Mentoring is for the weak

StrongFamilies-1 copyThis is a common mentoring myth.

In fact, mentoring is a proactive form of professional development with the potential to impact everything from the size of one’s professional network to one’s advancement rate and job satisfaction. A good mentor simply shows someone how to get from where (s)he is to where (s)he wants to be. Most successful professionals have had someone to guide them at some point in their careers. Have you?

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About Erin Thomas

Erin L. Thomas, Gender Diversity Specialist, works to develop systematic approaches for the representation, development and advancement of researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers at Argonne while engaging both female and male staff. Dr. Thomas has a PhD in Social Psychology from Yale University, where she conducted research on race and gender perceptions in workplace, economic and social policy contexts. She also received bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and International Studies and a master’s of science from Yale.
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