Mentoring and Networking for Career Success

The workshop is free, registration is required

Argonne’s Women in Science and Technology (WIST) Program presents a “Mentoring and Networking for Career Success” Workshop Friday, March 20, 2015, from 9 a.m. to noon, at Bldg. 240, Rooms 1404/1405.


Register by Tuesday, March 17, to attend. Space is limited. Register »


Mentoring and networking go hand-in-hand in making a successful career in any discipline, particularly in science. Both are known to have a very powerful positive impact on the careers at any level. Mentoring can be an equally valuable and rewarding experience for the mentor who seeks to aid others in career advancement as well as the mentee who benefits from this effort. However, as researchers we often have limited exposure to effective mentoring and networking practices and techniques.

Through a series of exercises and role playing scenarios, this workshop provides training in mentoring techniques that are proven to be effective. It also provides guidelines on networking and the different types of networks that are essential for career advancement at all career levels and aspirations.

A COACh Facilitated Workshop

This Workshop will be taught by COACh professional facilitators Geraldine Richmond and Laura Greene. COACh is an organization assisting in the success and impact of women scientists, engineers and researchers.

About Erin Thomas

Erin L. Thomas, Gender Diversity Specialist, works to develop systematic approaches for the representation, development and advancement of researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers at Argonne while engaging both female and male staff. Dr. Thomas has a PhD in Social Psychology from Yale University, where she conducted research on race and gender perceptions in workplace, economic and social policy contexts. She also received bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and International Studies and a master’s of science from Yale.
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