Good night, Irene

As of Sept. 7, 2016, the Argonne Music Club has been dissolved, and its assets turned over to the Argonne Club. It was great while it lasted, and thanks to everyone who participated, played, sang and danced!

If there is interest in reviving the club, contact the Argonne Club president.

Final meeting minutes

Argonne Music Club Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2016

Attendees: Gene Schafer, Eric Zoellner, David Jacque, Geoff Amman, Jeff Emery

  1. Due to significant loss of participation and interest, the remaining members of the Argonne Music Club have agreed to dissolve the club in its current form.
  2. The current website will remain in place but not be administered. It has been edited to show that the club has been dissolved and inquiries directed to the Argonne Club.
  3. The Abri Credit Union account is to be closed and remaining funds given to the Argonne Club.
  4. The P.A. equipment purchased by the Music Club has been given to the Argonne Club.
  1. Final meeting minutes will be posted on the Music Club’s website.