About the Next Generation Society Employee Resource Group (ERG)

We are the Next Generation Society (NGS), an employee resource group (ERG) at Argonne National Laboratory, working to enable employees across the laboratory to build relationships, foster professional development, facilitate communication, and increase collaboration.


We derive from a division-specific employee group that started in 2013. The original group, called the Next Generation Nuclear Society, paved the way for the lab-wide employee NGS resource group. It focused on early-career staff within the Nuclear Engineering (NE) division at Argonne. Similarly, NGS originally focused on early-career staff at its beginning in 2017. And just as employees drove to bring the success and benefits of the Next Generation Nuclear Society to the rest of the lab, NGS leadership hopes to reach and assist more than early-career staff today.


The mission of NGS is to be an innovative strategic entity within Argonne to facilitate successful career development, collaboration, and communication to ensure the best possible future for Argonne and its staff. The overarching objective of NGS is to contribute to establishing a path forward through innovative perspectives on various aspects of Argonne (e.g. mission, goals, and policies…). In particular, NGS aims to support fruitful individual careers to the benefit of the broader laboratory, providing events and access to resources which address the diverse needs of employees on their individual pathways to success. NGS promotes a network for all employees that is welcoming, diverse, supportive and inclusive where they can further engage within Argonne’s community. NGS enables employees from across the laboratory to build relationships, communicate, and develop their careers.

Long-Term Objectives

  1. Helping to equip employees to chart their career paths, and to help provide them with the skills and tools needed for their individual professional and personal development.
  2. Providing a forum for employees to be involved with the broader Argonne community, which includes
      • Providing mechanisms for staff to have efficient communication with Argonne’s management and for positively influencing the culture and operations at Argonne
      • Facilitating increased technical collaboration and innovation across Argonne

NGS is represented on the laboratory’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Council, a council that aims to promote the well-being and professional success of the diverse employee population of Argonne.