How to Join

To join the Next Generation Society Employee Resource Group at Argonne National Laboratory, you must be an Argonne employee. Membership is open to all types of employees, whether full-time, contractor, or student!

Interested in becoming a member? Join our Next Generation Society mailing list to enroll. It’s that easy!


Members are not expected to attend every event or meeting. Instead, come as your schedule allows to engage in discussions, events, and skill development. Our events are not just focused on your individual skill, but on increasing our abilities lab-wide as well. Additionally, members will be asked to participate in voting matters when they arise.

The steering committee is an additional NGS group that plans our meetings and events, as well as the general group direction in the future. It is composed of representatives from different areas of Argonne, which may include various programmatic directorates and Mission Support/Office of the Director staff. Contact us to join today!