Our events are focused on personal career development, discussing improvement opportunities, and increasing collaboration. See MyArgonne for upcoming events.

Meet the ALD

The Meet the ALD meetings provide a forum for discussion and increased connections across Argonne, offering an opportunity to engage with an ALD on current and future collaborative opportunities. In this event series, directorate leads come to discuss their work and its lab-wide application with our community.

Some of our past ALD speakers include Kawtar Hafidi, the PSE directorate, and Megan Clifford, the STP&O directorate. Kawtar Hafidi presented on PSE activities and shared her perspective for how we could continue to strengthen collaborations across divisions and directorates. Megan Clifford introduced the mission and activities of STP&O before delving into a discussion with NGS.

Labs of the Future

If you could design a national laboratory from scratch, what would it look like? In partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), NGS participated in an initiative called “Labs of the Future”. The goal of this initiative was to form a picture of what the national laboratories might look like if they were designed afresh starting today. The initiative sought to consider every aspect of our national labs, from the purpose and role of the labs themselves, to agility in scientific research, to infrastructure, to workforce and collaborative partnerships.

Other event topics included:
  • Work-Life Balance Panel
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership (with guest presenter Professor Harry Davis)