As year three of COVID rolls along and caregivers are stretched thinner than we ever thought possible, finding community is more and more important – whether virtually or in-person. Are you looking to connect with other Argonne caregivers, especially considering the isolating effects of the pandemic? Do you have questions for your peers (e.g., “Any advice on getting picky eaters to try new foods?”)? Do you want to know about senior-friendly activities in your local area? Would you like to learn more about local kid-friendly events? Do you just feel like communicating with fellow caregivers who “get it?” If so, there is a Slack workspace open to any Argonne-affiliated caregiver, including spouses and partners, that was set up by and for Argonne caregivers (! For those who haven’t used Slack, it is an instant messaging/virtual meeting service that facilitates real time text or voice conversations amongst peers, colleagues, and others. Free Slack apps are available for your phone, laptop, etc.

If you would like to join the Argonne Caregivers Slack workspace, simply follow the steps in this instructional document, but please use the following invite link to connect rather than the existing invite link on the first page of the document: More information is also available on the PACE blog Contact page – Please note that an Argonne email account is not needed to join the Slack workspace. We look forward to seeing you on Slack!

If you can’t access the instructions, which are hosted on Box, please contact fellow Argonne caregiver, PACE steering committee member, and workspace Slack admin Kendra Kennedy ([email protected]) to request an invitation. Please provide the email address to which you’d like the Slack invitation sent and indicate your Argonne affiliation (Argonne employee, spouse/partner of Argonne employee, etc.).