There are plenty of opportunities to stay in contact with PACE! Join our mailing list and our Slack Workspace to stay up to date on our events, meetings, and resources.

Mailing List

This mailing list ([email protected]) is the primary communication channel for important updates, information, announcements, and ideas that need to be seen by all PACE members. VPN access is required to access this Listserv link. Alternatively, contact [email protected] and ask to be added to the listserv.

Slack Workspace

PACE also encourages the use of the ArgonneCaregivers Slack Workspace for conversation with other parents and caregivers.

Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, parents and caregivers have faced increasing challenges juggling their responsibilities. The ArgonneCaregivers Slack Workspace was developed to serve the following needs:

  • connecting parents so that we can form support networks with other Argonne parents living nearby or with parents with similar-aged children
  • a space for group brainstorming of solutions that we can implement ourselves and of ideas we can propose to lab leadership
  • provide outlets so parents can simply vent their frustrations and find support with others who understand the struggles and allow us to watch out for our own and others’ mental health

To join the ArgonneCaregivers Slack Workspace, please follow the steps outlined in this document.