Notes from the Coordinator — Tina Henne

Notes from the coordinator — Tina Henne — Summer Issue

director postdocIt’s true what they say — time slips by when you’re having fun! It’s been a busy spring for Argonne Postdocs. So much so, that I cannot keep up with all 300 of you! We will try to hit on the high points in this issue of the Postdoc Journal Newsletter. But I’d like to share with you other avenues to highlight your successes, share your stories and keep up with events across the Lab.

First, we now have a Postdoc Blog. Have you seen it? You are on it right now! The Postdoc Blog address is We’ve been populating the blog with content from past newsletters and current press releases. What I’d like to know is what do you have to share? Do you like to write? Consider contributing an article to the blog. Here are a few topics that might spark your creativity:

  1. Tell us about your research — why is it important, what do you do, how does it apply to the Lab’s mission;
  2. Share what you learned at a conference or workshop;
  3. Learn a neat tech app that helps save time? Tell us!

This is your space, so take advantage of it.

Next, your Postdoctoral Society of Argonne Liaison Officer, Allen Liao, initiated the Postdoctoral Scientists of Argonne National Laboratory Facebook Page. Go there. Like it. Contribute. A big event that is posted is the annual PSA Soccer Outing to see the Chicago Fire take on DC United. Reserve your discounted ticket today and invite your colleagues and mentors to join you!

And last, a PSA-driven Postdoctoral Researchers Profile page is live on the Argonne home page under the Science tab. You asked. We delivered. Now help us build the content. Instructions on how to contribute your profile are posted each Friday in the Postdoc Office Weekend Updates. Please see the Resumes link on the Postdoc Portal and submit your profiles, CV and photo where asked. Instructions and templates are provided in each folder. There is also information there on how to join the Argonne Speakers Bureau. This is a great way to get out into the community and share your love for science!

Enjoy this issue and make sure to read what your fellow postdocs have been up to. Jennifer Steeb is our Postdoc in the Spotlight. Jen was recently promoted to staff in CSE. Congratulations, Jen! Erin Iski (NST) and Sunshine Silver (CSE) talk about what they learned at a recent workshop on preparing for a faculty position in the Career Corner. Martin Alcorta (PHY), who has done some amazing outreach for the Lab, shares his perspective on why it is important to Communicate Science. We’ll check in with postdoc alums Deep Mukhopadhyay and Aeraj ul Haque in our new Catching Up With…feature. Kurt Salter, Senior Safety Specialist with ESQ, shares some tech tips on how to increase productivity using your smart devices in Safety Impacts Your Career. Tanja Rose, Senior Immigration Specialist addresses some of your questions from the last Open Forum with the Director in our Guest Column. And much, much more!

Keep up the great work, all! But don’t forget to have a little fun this summer. You’ll need the rest to prepare for the October Postdoctoral Research Symposium and Career Fair!

June 2013

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