2013 Postdoctoral Research and Career Symposium Recap

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The 2013 Postdoctoral Research and Career Symposium were held October 10-11, 2013 at Argonne. The event, now in its sixth year, is unique. Postdocs are given the opportunity to showcase their current research to their peers, mentors, scientific organizations and corporations at the same venue.

Recruiters are then able to meet with postdocs to discuss their research, collect curriculum vitae and discuss career opportunities at their organizations. Postdocs are able to learn more about different research opportunities from numerous organizations to find the proper career fit.

This year’s event drew recruiters from organizations such as Exxon Mobil, Euclid TechLabs, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Institute for Defense Analysis, the United States Airforce and UOP-Honeywell to name a few. These firms heard more than 36 scientific presentations and attended numerous poster sessions as well.

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Postdocs presented on topics in engineering design, materials synthesis, high energy physics, simulation, algorithms, modeling, structure characterization, biosciences and chemistry. The collaborative venue provided opportunities for networking, scientific collaboration and discussion of research projects at Argonne. Postdocs were able to meet with their mentors after presentations to discuss their research and receive feedback.

Besides meeting with prospective employers they also learned more about research and discovery and technology development and commercialization underway at Argonne. Business Development Executive Yash Vaishnav (TDC) presented to postdocs how Argonne is partnering with industry and academic to further the laboratory’s focused, mission-driven research and build long-term, strategic relationships. Postdocs heard from Jeff Margolis of the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition (ISTC) and learned how Argonne and the ISTC are reaching out to area business, academia and government organizations to further scientific collaboration and research in Illinois.

In addition to the presentations, the inaugural 2013 Outstanding Postdoctoral Supervisor and Outstanding Postdoctoral Mentor Awards were granted. Jimmy Proudfoot (HEP) was the recipient of the 2013 Outstanding Postdoctoral Mentor Award and Cristina Negri (ES) was recognized with an Honorable Mention. Daniel Abraham (CSE) and Igor Aronson (MSD) shared the 2013 Outstanding Postdoctoral Supervisor Award. Read more on this honor.

View photos from the event.

From the Winter 2013/2014 Edition of the Postdoctoral Journal.

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