Making the Pitch Workshop

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Making the Pitch Workshop

Date: June 25, 2015

Time: 11:45am – 1:30pm

Location: Building 362 Auditorium

The Postdoctoral Society of Argonne would like to invite you to attend a Making the Pitch Workshop on June 25.  This seminar will provide an overview of the critical skill of networking and selling yourself and your research.  Jason Pariso and Wolfgang Connell from Chicago Innovation Exchange will be leading this workshop.

Lunch will be provided and will be served at 11:45am, with the workshop starting at noon.

This event is open to all Argonne employees interested in learning more about speed networking and the art of the sales pitch.

This seminar will feature a presentation from Jason Pariso, Director of Operations, Innovation Fund at The University of Chicago and Wolfgang Connell, Program Manager, Chicago Innovation Exchange on pitching your ideas.  Immediately following the conclusion of the presentation, participants will pair off and practice the pitch skills learned.  Following this will be a brief Q & A session, followed by sales pitches to the entire audience from a few randomly selected participants.  Participants are not expected to have any particular ideas they want to pitch, but should be willing to briefly (5 minutes) sell themselves or their research to a partner.

RSVP is required to attend this event: RSVP to Sales Pitch and Speed Networking Workshop

Guest Speakers: Director of Operations for the Innovation Fund at The University of Chicago, Jason Pariso, and Program Manager at the Chicago Innovation Exchange, Wolfgang Connell, will provide a brief overview of the the art and science of the sales pitch, selling yourself and your ideas to a wide variety of audiences.  Following this introduction, the participants will practice a sales pitch with a partner to apply the newly acquired skills.  Immediately following this, the group will come back together to discuss the sales pitch, with Jason and Wolfgang offering some observations and answering your specific questions.  Lastly, a few randomly selected participants will have the opportunity to give brief sales pitches to the entire audience.

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