March 25, 1996

Article I-Name

  1. The name of theis organization shall be the Argonne Radio Control Model Aircraft Club.


Article II-Purpose

  1. To provide recreation to all club members and their guests primarily through the flying of radio controlled model aircraft on a designated club field.
  2. To provide all ANL employees, guests, and retirees including non-club members the enjoyment and camaraderie of others interested in radio controlled model aircraft.


Article III-Membership

  1. Regular membership is open to all full-time employees of ANL.
  2. Associate membership is open to any individual member of the immediate family of an ANL employee, all part-time employees of ANL, all retired employees of ANL, and all employees of the Chicago office of DOE.
  3. Active members shall be those Regular  or Associate members who have paid their annual dues for the club year.  No Active member may transfer his membership to any other person.


Article IV-Dues and Assessments

  1. Club dues shall be a minimum of one dollar ($1.00) per calendar year per member.
  2. Club dues shall be determined by a simple majority of Active club members present and voting at club meeting.
  3. Assessments may be made on participants for special activities and on members for special purposes by a simple majority of Active club members present and voting at club meeting.


Article V-Voting

  1. Voting privileges are accorded to all Active Members.


Article VI-Election of Officers

  1. A minimum of two elected officers shall form the Executive Committee.  The Executive committee will perform the functions of President,  Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. Eligibility for office is limited to Active members.
  3. The term of office shall be two (2) calendar year.  Officers may be reelected.
  4. Elections and Voting:
    1. Election and seating of all Club officers shall be held at club meeting.  All Active club members shall be informed of this meeting prior to the meeting.  The elections shall be by ballot and from open nominations.  A majority of Active club members present and voting shall elect in all cases.
    2. Vacancy in office shall be filled for the remainder of the term by appointment by the remaining club officers.


Article VII-Duties of Officers (Executive Committee)

  1. Be responsible for the satisfactory operation of the club in accordance with this constitution, and the constitution, by-laws, and regulations of the Argonne club.
  2. Conduct all correspondence, and submit any required reports to the Argonne club.
  3. Keep all records and, if needed, minutes of meetings.
  4. Be responsible for all monies, keeping an accurate accounting of receipts and disbursements.
  5. Assure safe and courteous model aircraft operation.
  6. Oversee filed maintenance.


Article VIII-Committees

  1. Committees may be formed by the Executive Committee whenever such a need arises.


Article IX-Amendments

  1. Active members must be notified that amendments to these by-laws are to be presented, discussed, and voted on at club meeting.  The notification must be prior to the meeting.  Changes to the proposed amendments can be accepted from the members at the meeting.
  2. An amendment may be passed at any club meeting, by a two-thirds vote of the Active members present and voting.


Article X-Field Rules

  1. All pilots flying at the designated field must be Active members of the club and must have private liability insurance in the form of membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) or the Sport Flyers Association.  Guests and trainees can fly at the designated field for a limited time without liability insurance as long as they are under the supervision of an insured Active Member.
  2. The AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code will be used as a guideline for flying activity.


Article XI-Property

  1. In the event of the disbandment of the club, all funds and other property in its custody shall revert to the Argonne Club.