DOE Mile 2021!

It’s time for the DOE Mile again!   Once again, this will be a virtual event.  Argonne’s Darren Driscoll won the event last year, with a blazing 4:27 time.    Cross country scoring was used for the team scoring, and sadly, Argonne didn’t do quite as well, but we had a great turnout!

If you’re in the Virgin Pulse program, individual participants will receive 100 points, runners with the best ANL time in their category will receive 500 points, and when you submit the online race form, you will automatically be entered in a raffle to win 5,000 points.  Sorry, points are available to employees only, no points are earned for participation by family members.  Points are earned for FY22 VP accruals.

2021 DOE Mile rules:

  • Open to DOE lab employees, spouses, and children.
  • Participants will measure out a 1-mile distance on an outdoor course.
  • Participants can use smart devices such as fitness trackers, smart watches, or cellphones to measure and record the distance.
  • Participants will need to time their 1-mile walk/run/roll, completed between Friday, Oct. 1, and Monday, Oct. 11 and fill out the online form.
    • Forms need to be submitted by October 12th:
    • Participants can submit a screenshot of their race stats (required to be considered for timed prizes) or just a finishing time (sufficient for participation points and raffle).
    • Please complete 1 form per participant
  • Participants will need to include the ages of dependents (26 and under) running with them. Race categories will include:
    • DOE/Argonne Employees
    • Female Spouses/Partners
    • Male Spouses/Partners
    • Non-Specified Gender Spouses/Partners
    • Para-athlete categories (ANL race only)
    • Age Group for Dependents (Male, Female, All Genders, and Decline to Specify):
      • 14 & Under
      • 15-19
      • 20-26
  • Argonne Running Club will compile times and send them to SNL for tabulation.
  • A race report will be sent to participating labs by Friday, Oct. 25.
  • Additional information is available on the official DOE Mile website.

Please remember to train safely!  We’ve had some wonderful weather the last few mornings, perfect for getting out and moving your feet!