Fall Run & Walks!

10-08-19 – National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day Run & Walk

Join the Argonne Running Club and Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Program and celebrate National H2 and Fuel Cell day by participating in a fun Run or walk  (distances of 1.008 Miles, 2 Miles, or 3 Miles  corresponding to the atomic weight of hydrogen, molecular weight of H2, or atomic weight of tritium)

Start Bldg 241 Parking Lot  Tuesday 10-08 12 Noon

  • All employees and their guests are welcome. Prizes and refreshments will be available at the finish line.
  • Fun H2 and fuel cell facts:
    • A kg of hydrogen contains about the same amount of energy as a gallon of gasoline
    • There are currently 7,450 hydrogen fuel cell cars on the road in California
    • A fuel cell train has begun passenger service in Germany

For more information contact: John Kopasz X-7531

11-19-19 – WPC Turkey Trot

Join the fun; WPC is hosting a Turkey Trot! Socialize, exercise, and win a prize (raffle and refreshments at the finish line). All site employees and their guests are welcome.

Date: November 19, 2019
Time: 11:30 AM
Place: Building 203
Distance: Walk 1.8 miles, run 3.2 miles

Perishable food donations will be accepted for a local homeless shelter.

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