2019 Spring ACS

Come see us at the Spring 2019 National Meeting of the American Chemical Society! Solar Energy Conversion Group members are presenting several invited talks in Orlando:

Sunday March 31, 1:55pm, INOR99. Karen will present “Molecular cobalt catalysts for H2 generation with redox activity and proton relays in the second coordination sphere”

Tuesday April 2, 10:50am, CATL261. Lin will present “Electronic structures of metal centers in OER catalyst models and electron/energy relays in the excited state of supramolecular dinuclear transition metal complexes”

Wednesday April 3, 8:25am, CATL439. Ksenija will present “Photocatalytic CO2 reduction by biomimetic NADH analogs”

Wednesday April 3, 8:35am, INOR805. Lisa will present “Shining light on photosynthetic reaction center biohybrids for hydrogen production”

Hope to see you there!

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