Memorial Day: Remembering fallen service members

Memorial Day is Monday, May 31. This observance is a time to remember and honor the men and women who died while in the military service of our country, particularly those who died in battle or because of wounds sustained in battle. It is also an opportunity to think about how we can support their grieving families and loved ones.

On this Memorial Day, the Argonne Veterans Group asks the Argonne Community to join us in making a difference in the life of a veteran. The Veterans group is raising funds in conjunction with K9s for Veterans, NFP to donate a PTSD service dog to a veteran in need. This dog will be donated in memory of U.S. Army veteran Joshua Klecka who lost his life to PTSD. Klecka served in Iraq and is the stepson of William Burns (NWM). You can donate through our GoFundMe page.

Burns is a volunteer with K9’s For Veterans NFP, and serves on the board of directors for “The Forgotten Warrior Memorial NFP.” The memorial is located at the Channahon State Park to honor all those veterans that lost their battle to PTSD.

Argonne Veterans Group is dedicated to building awareness and providing resources to veterans, veterans’ families, and friends of veterans and to bringing together members of the Argonne community in a supportive environment and in furtherance of Argonne’s commitment to equal employment opportunity for all employees.

Membership in the Veterans ERG is open to all Argonne employees. Contact [email protected] to join or for more information.

Celebrating Armed Forces Day

As we look back at the camaraderie of the United States military branches it is exemplified through the celebration of Armed Forces Day.  Armed Forces Day is a national holiday observed on the third Saturday of May, this year falling on May 15, 2021. A great description of this day is posted on National Today (

Armed Forces Day is a special holiday for people all over the world to come together and thank the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. First conceived by President Harry S. Truman, the holiday was established in 1949. The creation of a single day celebration for all five branches of the United States military made sense due to its recent unification under the Department of Defense. Today, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of every May, this year falling on May 15. Be sure to mark your calendar & support our military!

The different branches of the military were founded on these date:

Military Branch Birthdays
  • National Guard. December 13, 1636
  • Army. June 14, 1775
  • Navy. October 13, 1775
  • Marine Corps. November 10, 1775
  • Coast Guard. August 4, 1790
  • Air Force. September 18, 1947
  • Space Force. December 20, 2019

Be sure to thank military members and veterans that you encounter!

Event Honoring Veterans Needs Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for an event that honor veterans in Oswego.  Volunteers needed from May 20 through May 30, 2021. The areas that need help include moving wall, flag set-up, car show, Air Force band performance, Let Freedom Ring concert, Army band performance and orchestra performance.  See sign up pages below to volunteer.

Volunteer sign ups pages


University of Chicago Veterans Event

Argonne National Laboratory is closely connected to the University of Chicago. Each year, the University of Chicago’s Veterans group hosts a large “Vet Week”, featuring minority populations of veterans, including female veterans, veterans with service-connected injuries and illnesses, service members and veterans who openly serve and identify with the LGBTQIA+ community, and deported US veterans.

This year, events include:

  • Women in Boots
  • Honoring the Hurt
  • Veterans Day Recognition
  • LGBTQIA+ and the Veteran Identity
  • Deportation of US Veterans