Argonne’s Women in Science and Technology (WIST) program is a rich and dynamic community of science and technology professionals that provides support, guidance, and professional development to women at Argonne. In this manner, WIST works to recruit, retain, and promote women for greater diversity and strength in the laboratory’s scientific workforce.

Strengthening diversity at Argonne is a mission that brings the entire laboratory community together. Regardless of who you are, numerous opportunities for participation exist. Exposure to great role models, mentors, and sponsors can substantially influence how an individual’s career grows and develops. As such, representatives from across the laboratory work as a team on the WIST Steering Committee and/or subcommittees to provide a well-rounded perspective on the approach to achieving its mission.

Additionally, this spirit continues to guide all of WIST’s activities and initiatives, such as:
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGED)
Science Careers in Search of Women (SCSW)
Leadership Academy for Women in Science and Engineering (LAWISE)
• Mentoring Circles pilot program

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