Call for Steering Committee Members

Argonne’s Women in Science and Technology (WIST) program is seeking committee members to support the organization’s mission of promoting the success of women at the Laboratory. WIST has a broad base of volunteers enabling its initiatives to thrive and benefit Argonne’s culture, visibility, and ability to attract a diverse workforce.

At this time, WIST is seeking steering committee member nominations from employees on the scientific, technical, and professional staff to serve for four years and nominations for postdoctoral staff to serve for two years. Members are expected to attend all meetings, support and shape WIST activities and outreach events, and fully participate by contributing ideas and helping with different tasks as needed.

To carry forward the WIST mission, committee members work closely with the WIST program initiator and other steering committee representatives from Argonne management.

The committee’s charter includes recommending a WIST program initiator to lead the Laboratory’s efforts to recruit, retain, and promote women. The committee also evaluates the WIST program’s effectiveness, and facilitates intra-laboratory communications, as well as outreach activities.

Your assistance is requested in identifying and nominating staff to the steering committee. Please send nominating packages, including a curriculum vitae and cover memo addressing the reasons why the nominee should become a committee member, to Kathy Eggers, ext. 2-6034, by Wednesday, August 1, 2018. Self-nominations are welcome. The candidate’s division director should also receive a copy of the application materials. For more information on the WIST Steering Committee, contact me at

For more information on how the Steering Committee operates, please view the slides from the public meeting held Monday, July 23, 2018 here.