Becoming Award Ready

Amber Charlebois, Chair of the American Chemical Society’s Women Chemists Committee, wrote in a recent article in C&EN News:

“There is a need for us all to become “award-ready” to optimize our chances of being honored for the work that we do. Consider the message printed on the reverse side of the Women Chemists Committee (WCC) periodic table business cards that were distributed during the national meeting: “ACS national award nominees were 17% female for 2017, compared to 14% female in 2016. ACS membership is 29% female. More nominations are still needed. Nominate a woman chemist for an award this November!”

Regardless of who you are – a man, a woman, a postdoc, a distinguished fellow – you can be a part of making this change. We all have opportunities to serve, as Charlebois writes further, as ‘effective coaches, advocates, and champions.’ And there has never been a better time to participate.

Please join me at the webinar today, and learn more about how we can do this work, successfully, together.

Tuesday, September 20th

Becoming Award Ready


Building 213 Cafeteria Private Dining Room

How do deserving and accomplished chemical scientists from diverse backgrounds become ACS award nominees and potentially winners? Join us for a short video presentation and live Q&A in order to learn the key aspects of preparing for and creating a successful nomination package for an ACS national award.